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Régine Café Brings It For Brunch

The Rosemont restaurant is chouette, says critic.

Régine Café

In La Presse's restaurant review this week, critic Ariane Krol tackles the bumping Rosemont brunch hotspot, Régine Café. After a pleasant visit during the week sans line-ups, Krol braves the throngs of hungry weekend brunch die-hards to see if the restaurant still holds up. The answer is.... Yes, it does.

With little touches for those waiting in line outside such as umbrellas for shade, water flavoured with fresh fruit and bites of brioche, the real test, writes Krol, is what goes on inside. Convivial and efficient, the essential coffee orders are taken quickly, arrive promptly, and food orders follow in the same vein. The gluten free corn waffles are a bit more crumbly than regular ones, but the chive cream piled on top helps smooth things out. With supple, glistening slices of trout, roquette and marinated onions, the combination of ingredients rounds out the flavours of this dish.  The "Champi" is equally pleasant, "une épaisse tartine campagnarde recouverte de fromage Mamirolle fondu, accompagnée d'un savoureux écrasé de pommes de terre et de délicieux champignons poêlés à la sauge" and served with either poached or scotch eggs, watercress and fruit. Although the waffles could have been more golden with a bit less onion and the scotch egg option is a bit of an overkill on the champi dish, Krol overlooks these blips because of all the other thoughtful details that make up this pleasant brunch experience.

Krol concludes that whether during the week, or on the weekend, Régine Café is a well oiled brunching machine with a nicely rounded menu that has something for everyone.

Chez Régine

1840, rue Beaubien Est, Montreal, QC H2G 1L6 (514) 903-0676 Visit Website