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Chef and New Mom Gita Seaton Bids Nouveau Palais Adieu

The Mile End mainstay released news of the split.

Chef Gita Seaton
Chef Gita Seaton
Mickaël A. Bandassak

Hot off the press, Nouveau Palais just announced that executive chef and partner Gita Seaton is no longer involved in the business. Jacques Seguin and Martha Mary Campbell remain partners, with Judith Laflamme (Huis Clos) currently the new chef. This news comes after Seaton stepped away from the kitchen earlier this year to go on maternity leave. She has since had her baby (congrats Gita!).

Nouveau Palais would like to announce that Gita Seaton is moving on as partner and executive chef to pursue other ventures.

The spirit and energy imparted in Nouveau Palais continues with Mary Martha Campbell and Jacques Seguin, as does their commitment to offering a quality product that is affordable and unassuming.

Gita Seaton: "As a team, we inherited Nouveau Palais, a Mile-End landmark where we created an inclusive space with a genuine dining experience that contributes to the community."

Nouveau Palais wishes Gita all the best in her future endeavors.

Nouveau Palais

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