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UPDATE: Donair Cité Bounces Back in Gay Village as Halifax Donair

From the Quartier Latin to new digs

This is donair pizza
This is donair pizza
Halifax Donair

"The taste of the famous Halifax Donair finally comes to Quebec for the first time ever! This is the REAL HALIFAX DONAIR." This, the promise made by Donair Cité owner Todd Langseth last November. Alas, the Maritime spin on Turkish-style doner made popular in Atlantic Canada at the likes of King of Donair and Greco, failed to resonate in shawarma, shish taouk, and souvlaki saturated Montreal. A Chowhound tipster reports that Donair Cité is now closed. The restaurant's Facebook page is down and calls to Donair Cité's number were not answered today.

Langseth's former, anti-Parti Québécois activism came back to haunt him this past February. The Doner Cité principal told a reporter at the time that his restaurant had become a target for online trolls and, specifically, "fake reviews, all-out lies about myself, slanderous remarks." All this after it was revealed that Langseth had once administered an 'I Hate Pauline Marois' Facebook group.

Update, Saturday, October 17, 2015: Reports of Donair Cité's demise were premature, it seems. After a short hiatus, the Haligonian twist on classic Turkish doner has relocated to the Gay Village, and specifically, to the former Café Crêperie En Couleur. The restaurant has a new name, Halifax Donair, a remade Facebook page, and even has plans to expand.

Owner Todd Langseth took to Facebook to correct the record: "We are NOT closed. We moved from that toilette [sic] of a sector on St Denis, into not one, but TWO new locations. The concept exploded in popularity, to the point where not just more space was required, but more locations. We're actively seeking our third location somewhere in the NDG/Montreal West area. We are currently located at 1212 De Maisoneuve [sic], and 5171 Avenue du Parc." See Halifax Donair's donair-centric menu, below.

Status: Halifax Donair, 1212 de Maisonneuve Est, (514) 419-8998, now open.

Menus courtesy Halifax Donair

Menus courtesy Halifax Donair