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Trou de Beigne Doughnut Shop Is Now Open in Little Italy

Life's a little sweeter on Saint-Zotique now.

Trou de Beigne

A dedicated doughnut shop is now officially open in Little Italy. Trou de Beigne, which made a name for itself as a wholesaler of artisanal doughnuts to coffee shops all over Montreal, unveiled its brick-and-mortar space over the weekend. Owner Giuliano Ciccocioppo spoke about the shop last December.

"We will sell a variety of different flavours, sizes, and formats of doughnuts. To compliment the doughnuts we will be serving filtered coffee, and a variety of other beverages. The focus is and will always remain on producing doughnuts of the highest quality. Not everybody knows this, but we don't use any butter, shortening or lard in our doughnuts. Instead we use organic coconut oil, which is a more beneficial alternative (and also adds to the taste!). When possible, we substitute the more common ingredients with options that are healthier, which is why we don't use any corn syrup, artificial colours or flavours, or preservatives." Trou de Beigne's lineup of doughnuts includes the likes of maple bacon, green tea matcha, s'more, espresso, and Nutella banana—a new flavour, cookie dough, is apparently on offer this week. Ciccocioppo adds that the shop will be primarily for pickup, but will "have some seats and some interesting visuals to keep people entertained!"

Status: Trou de Beigne, 156 Saint-Zotique Est, now open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday to Sunday.


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