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Le Phillies Cheesesteak Closes in Mile End After a Year and Change

So much for that.

Le Phillies Cheesesteak

Le Phillies Cheesesteak, a maker of supposedly authentic Philadelphia-style cheesesteak sandwiches, has closed. The Mile End spot will re-open elsewhere, management informed customers on Facebook at the end of December. "My dad is from Philly and I spend a lot of time in the city. I have never had a decent cheesesteak in Montreal," principal Danilo Rubbo told Eater when Phillies Cheesesteak opened in the former L'Écume Des Jours bookstore across from Café Olimpico. Rubbo and his brother Lucio had hoped to introduce Montreal to some of the best elements from top cheesesteak shops in the City of Brotherly Love, such as Steve's Prince of Steaks and Tony Luke's. Stay tuned for all the sandwich developments as they unfold.

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