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Cafellini Beaubien Replaces Café Vôlane in La Petite-Patrie

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Rive-Sud import comes to town.

Cafellini Beaubien

La Petite-Patrie latte lovers have a new coffee shop to explore as of this week. Cafellini Beaubien, from Johanne Houle and Jordan Myall, has officially replaced Café Vôlane, which closed last October after three plus years in business. The mother-son duo of Houle and Myall have operated a Cafellini in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville for the last decade. Myall spoke yesterday about the new café: "So me and my mom started a coffee shop in 2006 on the south shore in St-Bruno. I've lived in Montreal for almost three years and I wanted to open a shop in the big city for a while now. It's a pretty simple menu. Espresso-based coffees, some juices, lemonade, iced tea. We try to do everything in-house, like our almond milk (it froths well!), and for the food we're working with a small baker, for scones, biscuits, and so on."

Cafellini uses Barista Micro-Torrefacteur espresso blends, and has experimented with nitro cold brew too. The café will not have Wi-Fi. "We have stickers that say NO-FI, because we don't want Wi-Fi in the shop," explained Myall. "It's a small place and I'm not a fan when everybody is on their laptops. I want peaple talking, sharing or just enjoying the place. We are focused on good products, friendly service, and a good vibe environment."

Status: Cafellini Beaubien, 758 Beaubien Est, between Châteabriand, and Saint-Hubert, (514) 507-7581, now open.

Cafellini Beaubien

758 Beaubien Est, Montreal, Quebec Visit Website