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Sofia Vineria, the Former Cavalli, Closes in Downtown Montreal

But will it reopen for Grand Prix weekend?

Inside the former Cavalli/Sofia
Inside the former Cavalli/Sofia

Strange times for the former Cavalli, again. The bygone supper club allegedly made over by the Montreal Gourmet restaurant group (who, aside from Cavalli, own, or did own the likes of Bice/Beatrice, Otto, Kabana, Primadonna, Wood25) as Sofia Vineria in time for last year's Grand Prix race has closed. Ostensibly a sister restaurant to Pizzeria Sofia in Brossard's Quartier DIX30, Sofia served sfizi, wood-fired pizzas, and sported an Italian-heavy wine list. The décor echoed the South Shore Sofia as well. Eduardo Melo, the former manager at Cavalli, assumed the same role at the remade restaurant. A requisite splashy launch party was captured for posterity.

Despite evidence that the Montreal Gourmet group was involved with Cavalli's changeover, Agostino De Riggi, the man embroiled in some drama with the MTL Cuisine group at Nolana Pizzeria, is the only person listed on Sofia Vineria's business registry. A spokesperson for Pizzeria Sofia told Eater that "we are not related to Sofia Vineria, we only have the Dix30 location." Nobody contacted for comment about Sofia's shutter, be it Melo, De Riggi, or Montreal Gourmet reps, has responded. The restaurant group's website is down, and its roster of restaurants has dwindled noticeably. And yet, don't be surprised if Sofia is miraculously resurrected, like some magical supper club Lazarus, in time for this year's Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada. Again.


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