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La Luncheonette Gives Saint-Henri a Community Café With Soul

Sisters-in-law doin' it for themselves.

La Luncheonette

La Luncheonette, a soup and sandwich shop from sisters-in-law Mackenzie Snow and Jessica Starnino, is now open in Saint-Henri. The community-minded café is the result of a lot of patience and DIY pluck, the pair recently told the Montreal Gazette. Snow had targeted the former Café Perroquet Violet at 4271 Saint-Jacques Ouest for ages, but her bids to secure the space were repeatedly obstructed, or thwarted. Finally, with some help from family and friends, and after some “rookie mistakes”, the duo's dream to open La Luncheonette was recently realized.

Starnino told the Gazette: “We’re putting in long hours and I have two little kids, but it makes all the difference working for yourself. We knew going in what was involved; we’ve done it long enough that it’s second nature. People sometimes have a glamorized image of restaurants, but they’re a lot of work and you’ve got be organized. You’ve got to wash dishes, take out the garbage, prepare the ingredients, do the shopping, mop the floors. … We’re closed this month on weekends so we can actually have a real life.” Beyond coffee, soups and sandwiches, La Luncheonette's menu also includes chilis, salads, and baked goods. So far the neighbourhood, which is poised to welcome another newcomer in wine bar Chez Lavigne, seems pleased with the addition. “These girls are gems and everyone that walks in that door leaves feeling a little richer for having met them. Funny there was no mention of the awesome tunes everyone is dancing around to in there…,” wrote a Gazette commenter.

Status: La Luncheonette, 4271 Saint-Jacques Ouest, corner Saint-Philippe, (438) 386-0565, now open.

La Luncheonette

4271 Rue Saint-Jacques, Le Sud-Ouest, QC H4C 1J7 (438) 386-0565 Visit Website