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Bombay Mahal, Titan of Thali, Expands With New Downtown Montreal Restaurant



Beloved Bombay Mahal is about to expand to Shaughnessy Village downtown. The new restaurant, at 1629 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, between Guy and Pierce, will replace the defunct Fortune Dumpling & Bubble Tea, which closed not too long ago (see photo below).

The perpetually busy, original bring-your-own-wine Bombay Mahal in Park Extension, as near a consensus-favourite Indian restaurant as it gets in Montreal, opened a 12-seat, take-out counter on the Main in 2013. In an interview with Cult MTL, manager Ahsan Tufail called that expansion "instinctive" and added: "We want to initiate a fast-food concept for Indian food, something that can compete with a lot of other popular franchises."

Eater has reached out to Bombay Mahal's management for comment on the new downtown restaurant. Stay tuned for developments.

Photo credit: Cassady Sniatowsky

Bombay Mahal

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