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New Café Opens in Old Moe’s Diner, and Other Intel

Also: the Hooters news you’ve been aching for

The new Shaughnessy Café (left) and the former Moe’s Casse-Croute du Coin (right)
Christophe Sanders / Moe’s

SHAUGHNESSY VILLAGE — A new café is open in the space that was home to Moe’s Casse-Croute du Coin until last December. The independently Shaughnessy Café opened a few days ago and is one of the first spots to offer third-wave coffee in that end of town, serving up tight roasts from Montreal’s very own Dispatch Coffee and Fernwood Roasters from Victoria, B.C. Owner Francois Letendre-Joachim started out at Café Plume and has fully renovated Moe’s (see the interior below) and while there’s no Big Ed burger, the team reassure Eater that they used to frequent Moe’s and hoping to keep the same relaxed spirit alive in the new café.

Inside Shaughnessy Café
Christophe Sanders

DOWNTOWN — Have you been eagerly awaiting the first Hooters to arrive on the island? Bad news, you’ll have to wait a little longer. A Hooters rep tells Eater that the opening date for the upcoming Crescent Street location has been pushed from October to December. If you’re in need of chicken wings and a potential bachelor party location in the meantime, there’s always the South Shore Hooters.

DOWNTOWN — The trend towards “diner food but with nicer ingredients and much higher prices” keeps on rolling as another franchise of celebrity-ish chef Jérôme Ferrer’s Chez Jerry Casse Croûte de Terroir restaurants has put up signage on René-Lévesque near the Bell Centre. The first one opened on Beaver Hall a year ago serving items such as organic popcorn chicken nuggets and foie gras poutine with mushroom suace; more locations are slated for the Old Port and Laval in future.

MILE END — Cult Montreal reports that Poutineville is set to open its Parc Avenue location on Monday October 17. Cult report that all traces of the former occupant, barbecue chain Bofinger, have been scrubbed away to better fit the neighbourhood, although the menu is fairly similar to Poutineville’s other five locations, right down to the 15-pound “heart attack” poutine.

MILE END — Also on Parc, the former Em Cafe is set to reopen in coming weeks. In May, the new owners wrote that the cafe would become a more à la carte oriented restaurant named Bistrot des Beaux-Quarters, but in the last month, a new sign with the somewhat unimaginative name Délicieux Cocktails indicates that it could also be a bar.

NOTRE-DAME-DE-GRÂCE — A new barbecue option quietly opened on Somerled in NDG last week. Eater tipster Gabrielle writes enthusiastically that Prime BBQ Cie. is reasonably priced and worth checking out — beyond barbecue fare, the menu features appropriately bourbon-heavy drinks, Cubano sandwiches, General Tao calamari and more.

MONKLAND VILLAGE — And lastly, authentic Greek food appears to be on its way to the Monkland Village with the forthcoming Olive & Citron. Details are slim so far, but the resto is promising to “transform nature's richness into delicious plates”.

Chez Jerry

1083 Côte du Beaver Hall, Montreal, QC H2Z 1S5 (514) 861-2634 Visit Website

Prime BBQ Cie.

6450 Avenue Somerled, Montreal, Quebec H2V 1S5 (514) 482-2227 Visit Website


1348 rue Beaubien Est, Montreal, Quebec H2G 1K8 514-544-8800 Visit Website

Moe’s Casse Croute Du Coin

2214 Maisonneuve W., Montreal, QC


3320 Taschereau, Greenfield Park, QC J4V 2H6 (450) 550-1605