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Dan Geltner Jumps Into Health Food at Le Kitchen

Less steak, more salad

Le Kitchen’s New Space in Griffintown
Kristi de Bonville

The man voted Montreal’s best chef for multiple years is exchanging butter for tofu. Dan Geltner (L’Orignal, SuWu) is now involved with Griffintown healthy eating and prêt à manger operation Le Kitchen.

Le Kitchen has been running since 2013 but recently upgraded to a brick and mortar store space on William Street in Griffintown, although it’s still primarily a take out operation. Geltner’s arrival fits with Le Kitchen’s upgrade — and it’s a big change for the chef, who has previously worked with Daniel Boulud and spoken of his love for French cuisine.

Le Kitchen co-owner Kristi de Bonville tells Eater that the collaboration is giving both sides new ideas and new expertise.

“Dan was initially sort of done with restaurant life. Not done, but acknowledging that there was a trend in Montreal towards people eating healthier and getting away from that heavy food.”

“He’s bringing a tonne of new ideas and recipes and he has this crazy level of experience.”

Inside Le Kitchen
Kristi de Bonville

Le Kitchen’s food leans vegan and gluten-free but not militantly, with options to add wild salmon or organic chicken to dishes. Salads and salad-esque bowls figure prominently on the menu with ample fresh produce, such as a pad thai with a mix of zucchini and rice noodles, or gado gado with a tahini dressing, both shown below. Le Kitchen also does naturally sweetened baked goods and a strong coffee game.

Le Kitchen’s take on pad thai
Dan Haber
Gado Gado
Dan Haber

Le Kitchen

1806 Rue William, Le Sud-Ouest, QC H3J 2L7 (514) 934-3663 Visit Website