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New Tejano Spreads Burritos to Cité du Multimédia

The second location from the Blackstrap crew

Tejano’s burritos
Tejano BBQ Burrito

Saint-Henri burrito maestros Tejano BBQ Burrito swung the non-literal saloon doors open on the second installment of their fast-casual Tex-Mex project today.

This one is going to be catering to a bit more of a business crowd — it’s located on William Street in the Cité du Multimédia part of Old Montreal, a new neighbour for Le Local and Le Serpent.

It’s from all the same folk as Tejano 1.0 — Dylan Kier and Clara Barron (of Blackstrap BBQ in Verdun), and Ryan Bloom will transpose their prowess with barbecued meats onto the new location. Kier tells Eater that the menu will be mostly identical to St-Henri, but the store will be cut out to deal with a more downtown crowd. “The space is bigger, [with] a bit more seating and the new service line is twice the size and can serve more people at once, we are preparing to do big lunch rushes quickly.”

Kier says that while Tejano has no specific plans for more locations right now, they’ll be expanding when they can. Tejano is much-loved and arguably home to the city’s top burritos, and it would be far more satisfying to see a local player dominate the rice-beans-meat-and-tortilla scene, as compared to corporate outlets backed by stacks of money. And with no ultra-popular big-name competitor to steamroll the little guys (ahem, Chipotle), it’s an open market.

STATUS — Tejano BBQ Burrito’s new location is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays at 729 William Street, with weekend openings anticipated in future.