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Watch Pastry Pro Enrico Heise Whip Up a Paris-Brest

Pastry in action

Eater's Sweets Week wraps up today, and we're leaving you with one last treat, just in time for the weekend.

Intrepid photographer Randall Brodeur dropped by Eater-endorsed bakery and patisserie La Bête à Pain in Ahuntsic to witness pastry chef Enrico Heise concocting a rich Paris-Brest in his pastry lab.

The fluffy choux pastry and creamy praline entity (with ample chocolate additions) probably isn't something you'll want to casually whip up at home, unless you have plenty of time, solid pastry making experience and a steady hand on the piping bag — but you can have that experience vicariously with this photo essay of Heise at work. Or if you really want to wow your friends, you can drop by one of La Bête à Pain's two locations (this one on Fleury, or the newer Griffintown spot), pick up a Paris-Brest or two, and meticulously photoshop your face into all these photos to pretend that you did it yourself (please do not actually do this).

Doughnut gif

La Bête à Pain

195 Rue Young, Le Sud-Ouest, QC H3C 2E9 (514) 509-8937 Visit Website

La Bête à Pain (Griffintown)

195 rue Young, Montreal, QC H3C 2E9 (514) 509-8937 Visit Website