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Where in the West Island Will Bruce Willis (Maybe) Eat Pizza?

Let’s hope Willis likes thin crusts

Thin crusts at Cugini’s
Cugini’s Pizza Cafe

If you like pizza and you like big Hollywood action stars, then the first three days of this week are your lucky days. Willis, who you may remember from his hit roles as Dr. Malcolm Crowe in The Sixth Sense or as Spike the dog in Rugrats Gone Wild is set to be on-set in Beaconsfield for the next two days. They’ll be filming a remake of 70s vigilante-slasher Death Wish where Willis, as Paul Kersey, will face an assault on his family that leads him to love guns and shooting bad guys. Poster boy of gore Eli Roth is directing and will presumably also be in Beaconsfield.

West Island Blog reports that the filming will be taking place in Elm Plaza in Beaconsfield — and hopefully Willis feels like going vigilante on some pizza, as Cugini’s Pizza Café are opening specially for the Monday to shovel some thin-crust pies into the mouths of hungry film crew. It may be a hidden suburban gem: almost every word written about Cugini’s on the internet is overwhelmingly positive, with one review even comparing them to pizza dynamos Gema.

Offerings like the red pepper, arugula and bocconcini may have impressed West Islanders, but will one of Hollywood’s top beacons of masculinity enjoy them?

Cugini's Pizza Cafe

275 Elm Avenue, Beaconsfield, Quebec