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A pork and pickle stand at the airport.

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Where to Eat at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport

Bagels, burgers, and sushi for sustenance on the fly

Pork & Pickle at the Montreal airport.
| Pork & Pickle

By September 2022, the Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) reported passenger traffic to be over 11 million, a major rebound following the last few years of travel lull. As travelers gear up for the upcoming holiday season, it’s worth taking a look at the food options at the airport, particularly if you’re planning to arrive a few hours early.

This guide is divided into four sections: the public area (open to non-travellers) and domestic, international, and U.S. departures. It includes all that’s currently open, no matter how mass-produced or mediocre. The restaurants in bold denote best bets.

The airport’s offerings remain scaled-back, with several businesses still temporarily closed. Be sure to check its website for up-to-date information regarding dining options.

Public Area

  • Burger King: The Whopper is the only burger in this part of the airport. [Departures]
  • Java U Café: Montreal-based café franchise serving soups, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and pastries. And coffee – lots of coffee. [Departures]
  • Paramount: A Canadian chain offering a range of Lebanese-leaning options such as shawarma, falafel, and salads. [Departures]
  • St-Hubert Express: This iconic homegrown (though no longer Quebec-owned) chain has been serving its flagship rotisserie chicken since 1951. [Departures]
  • Subway: Standard sandwich fare located not far from the baggage carousel. [Arrivals]
  • Tim Hortons: Think muffins, mediocre coffee, and Justin Bieber-endorsed doughnuts. Great for an unofficial Bienvenue au Canada welcome gift. [Arrivals]
  • Brûlerie St-Denis: Serving Arabica coffee, sandwiches and pastries. [Departures] Temporarily closed
  • Pub John Molson: Thirsty? This pub welcomes visitors with a taste of Montreal, offering a selection of its namesake beers alongside historic photos and memorabilia. [Arrivals]
  • Marriott In-Terminal Hotel: Grab coffee and snacks at Illy Café or sit at the bar for a pre-flight cocktail at Bijou Resto Bar. [Departures]

A worker handing chicken fingers and fries to a customer.
A counter at St-Hubert Express.
St.-Hubert Express

Restricted Zone: Canadian Departures

  • Starbucks: Tall, grande, venti — you know the drill at this multinational coffee shop serving microwavable snacks. [Gate 1]
  • Java U Café: See above [Gate 1]
  • YUL Pizza: Pizza, salads, and snacks, all served relatively quickly. [Gate 2, 51]
  • Pork & Pickle: A Southern barbecue spot, or at least the airport version. Expect smoky meats (ribs and brisket) and other comfort fare like burgers or mac and cheese. [Gate 3]
  • Tim Hortons: See above [Gate 3]
  • Urban Crave: A mix of international street eats ranging from samosas to Cubano sandwiches. [Gate 9]
  • Six Pints: Brasserie serving draft beer, sports on screens, and standard pub fare. [Gate 34]
  • ICE Bar: Generic airport bar featuring beer, strong liquor, and runway views. [Gate 47]
  • Bistrot Montréal Trudeau: It leans more café casual than bistro chic, but there’s pasta, soup, crepes, and more. [Gate 48]
  • Ryú: Sushi, smoothies, and poke bowls from a popular Montreal spot. [Gate 49]
  • Camden Food Co.: Light fare that can cater to allergies and intolerances (i.e. organic, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and more). [Gate 50]
  • La Biscuitery: A shop selling homemade cookies and macarons for those with a sweet tooth. [Gate 50]
  • Archibald: A decent bet featuring local beers, burgers, and most importantly, breakfast poutine. [Gate 51]
  • Pronto! Mercato: Small counter offering sandwiches, salads, snacks, and other refreshments. [Gate 21]
sushi and poke bowl Ryu/Official

Restricted Zone: International Departures

  • Café Montréal Bagel: Fairmount bagels served in sandwich form — it’s tough to screw that up. [Gate 52] Temporarily closed
  • Hurley’s: A spin-off of a staple on Montreal’s Irish pub scene serving Guinness, whiskey, and meaty stews. [Gate 52]
  • L’Auberge St-Gabriel: This airport offshoot of an iconic Montreal institution is a good choice for something a little more upscale. [Gate 52]
  • U-Bar: Standard airport bar with cocktails and pub-leaning food. [Gate 53]
  • Bistrot Montréal-Trudeau: See above [Gate 59]
  • Livia: Matcha bar serving avocado toast, salads, sandwiches, and drinks. [Gate 52]
  • Baéro: Choose between maple French toast for breakfast or tapas for lunch. Heartier fare includes mini beef burgers and a lamb baguette. [Gate 66] Temporarily closed
  • Upper Crust: Baguettes of all types — eggs in the morning or afternoon panini stuffed with toppings like Serrano ham and fresh mozzarella. [Gate 62] Temporarily closed
  • Java U Café: See above [Gate 52]
  • Starbucks: See above [Gate 64] Temporarily closed
  • Mr. Pretzels: Soft, whole wheat pretzels baked and served fresh. [Gate 53]
Six bowls of greens and salads.
Bowls from Livia.

Restricted Zone: United States Departures

  • Urban Crave: See above [Gate 73]
  • Starbucks: See above [Gate 73, 84]
  • Houston Avenue Bar & Grill: Hunker down for a pre-flight steak, burger, or some ribs. [Gate 77]
  • Little Sandwich Shop: Basic sandwiches, salads, and pizzas for those on the go. [Gate 79]
  • Ryú: See above [Gate 79]
  • Hurley’s: See above [Gate 81]
  • Lesters Deli Express: Missed your chance to try Montreal’s famous smoked meat? This Outremont-based institution has just what you need. [Gate 79]
  • Café Montréal Bagel: See above [Gate 79] Temporarily closed
  • Tim Hortons: See above [Gate 74]

Montréal Int'l Airport Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau (YUL)

975 rue Roméo-Vachon Nord, Dorval, QC H4Y 1H1 (514) 394-7377

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