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Ramen Alert: New Noodles at the St-Hubert Plaza

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A wild broth appears among the prom dress emporiums

Ramen Plaza

There’s a new vendor of Japanese noodles in broth in town, and this one is in Petite Patrie: Ramen Plaza is now open beneath the post-majestic arches of the St-Hubert Plaza, right near Beaubien.

Between this new arrival and St-Henri ice creamery Dalla Rose announcing that it would transform into Ramen 9000 just a few weeks ago, ramen appears to be having a moment in Montreal — and if another two or three rameneries open up, it’ll be a full-blown renaissance.

Ramen Plaza had a very successful soft opening, selling out during their short but buzzing Saturday service. The team behind it declared that this was just a test run to practice for an official opening at an as-yet-unspecified date, so the doors are closed again for the time being, but it looks promising.

The menu (pictured below) keeps it beautifully simple — there’s just three ramen options which can be embellished with add-ons such as eggs and pork, and mercifully, no silly experiments in fusion. Noodles aside, there’s gyoza dumplings, karaage fried chicken and a lone dessert on the menu.

Ramen Plaza’s soft opening menu
Ramen Plaza

Fittingly for its St-Hubert plaza location, Ramen Plaza is located in what used to be a store that sold a range of somewhat gaudy shoes — between this and a small number of other new(ish) arrivals, the once-glorious plaza may be getting rejuvented.