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Agrikol’s Jen Agg Reminds Restaurants That They Can Have Opinions About Trump, Etc.

“Food isn’t political” misses the point.

Joseph Sohum / Shutterstock

The Torontonian behind “nose to tail” restaurant The Black Hoof, Rhum Corner and now, big-name Montreal Haitian restaurant and bar Agrikol, Jen Agg is a resident of Twitter who’s not afraid to talk politics, and frankly, she’s pissed that people in the dining industry often show a violent aversion to acting all political in the faint chance that it might drive customers away.

And Agg definitely feels more strongly about it nowadays, given Donald J. Trump’s recent victory in the United States presidential election, and the sudden (and probably not at all coincidental) appearance of public displays of anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-Semitic sentiment in Canada in recent weeks (not to mention a general increase in the number of hate crimes committed in Quebec).

Of course, if restaurateurs and big-name chefs came out as being against Trump and his alt-right ilk, in Canada it would only isolate the tiniest portion of customers (11 per cent of Quebecers expressed support for Trump), and probably even draw in admirers from the other side, which doesn’t really sound like bad business.

Here’s the best of what Agg had to say, capital letters and all.


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