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Look Inside Kitschy Christmas Pop Up Bar Miracle

Photos by Randall Brodeur

Randall Brodeur

Do you care enough about doing festival and seasonal things for Christmas that you would go to an entirely Yuletide-themed bar? If you answered “yes”, well then, you’re in luck because a pop-up bar entirely dedicated to the Pagan celebration-turned-Christian holiday is now open in the Latin Quarter.

It’s called Miracle (a possible search engine nightmare in the making for the St-Henri diner of the same name), and it’s here just for the month of December at Nexus Bar on Ontario Street (Nexus and its video games have been put away for the month).

As the gallery below shows, the space is pretty thoroughly decked out in myriad red and red-adjacent shades. If you’re not the most jazzed about the holiday season, you’ll likely find it a bit gaudy, but you can’t fault their thoroughness — there’s a fireplace, bear skin rug, Christmas movies playing, and a requisite jingly soundtrack. Plus as Le Journal de Montréal reports, Santa will be on site, and part of his job description includes serving up booze.

The bar offerings are equally seasonal — cinnamon-infused bourbon, a Mulled Wine Sour, and various others with plenty of dark liquors, sherry, nutmeg, dairy, and so on.

Miracle isn’t a concept unique to Montreal — it started in New York and has run in other cities in past years. Montreal is the first Canadian location, and there’s a whole stack of others, especially on the east side of the USA.

STATUS — Miracle is open at 323 Ontario East from 3 p.m. until 3 a.m. daily, until December 31.

Nexus SmartBar

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