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Holiday Season Molotov Cocktails Break Two Restaurants’ Windows, Hearts

One place was vandalized twice in a week

Pot Masson in Rosemont3
Pot Masson

Fire bombings aren’t terribly uncommon in Montreal, but two in one night is a little bothersome.

The Ahuntsic location of Dominic Bujold’s critically-approved Pizzeria No 900 (see also: Old Montreal’s LOV) had what CBC Montreal called an “incendiary device” tossed through its window early on Boxing Day, causing a small fire. Police were able to get the fire out but there was minor damage.

The Fleury Street location of 900 noted on social media that they would be closed for Monday as a result of the vandalism — but calls to the restaurant today have gone unanswered, suggesting that they might be closed for a tiny bit longer.

Just minutes before 900 was fire bombed, Rosemont cocktail spot and restaurant Pot Masson, which opened in 2015, had more or less the same thing happen. CTV reports that around 4:40 a.m., two men smashed the window and tried to light a fire before fleeing. Weirdly, it was the second time Pot Masson was vandalized in a week — a molotov cocktail was thrown through the restaurant window early on December 20, when employees were still present. Despite this double-down disaster, Pot Masson is already open again.

No arrests were made in either case — and no suspects even sighted at No 900, and unlike in some past cases in other neighbourhoods, there’s no clear reason for why these places were targeted, and neither one has previously drawn police attention.

Both restaurants are reassuring customers on Facebook that they’re there to stay in their respective neighbourhoods.

Notre beau restaurant sur la rue Fleury a été victime de vandalisme la nuit dernière. Heureusement, les dommages sont...

Posted by No 900 on Monday, December 26, 2016

Pot Masson est là pour rester! À la suite des deux événements regrettables survenus au cours de la dernière semaine,...

Posted by Pot Masson on Monday, December 26, 2016


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