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Eater Montreal’s Top Maps of 2016

These were your favourite guides to eating and drinking

Santa Barbara

Along with news stories, maps form the backbone of Eater Montreal. These geographically-plotted guides to the city’s restaurants, bars, and cafes cover foodstuffs and topics from where to get a poutine, to where to grab Caribbean food, or where to get a latte served up with wifi.

Right here are the maps that visitors to Eater Montreal consulted the most — the ones with the most hits. We’ve excluded the Eater 38, and heatmaps for the hottest restaurants, cocktails, and brunch, since they’re all updated many times every year.

The Must-Eat Brunch Bets in Montreal

Cornbread, egg, chorizo, and romesco sauce from Patrice Pâtissier
Patrice Pâtissier

This shouldn’t come as a surprise from a city with a sizeable populace of people willing to wait in minus-20 degree weather for some poached eggs. From brunch legends such as Lawrence to brand spanking new Mile End spot Le Butterblume, this map guided you to 24 of the city’s top spots for brunch eats both sucré and salé.

The Essential Montreal BYOB Restaurants


And what did Montrealers fancy almost as much as brunch? More affordable booze in the form of BYOB restaurants. This guide to 23 restaurants covers a wide range of spots — from Parc-Ex Indian classics like Bombay Mahal, which are pretty much bring-your-own-whatever, through to fancier digs such as Hochelaga’s État Major, where bringing one’s own Pabst may not be smiled upon so much.

The Essential Montreal Cocktail Bars

Step Inside Agrikol, a Tropical Escape From The Black Hoof and Arcade Fire
Agrikol, in the Village
Randall Brodeur

Eater readers were also happy to not bring their own booze to the bar, as evidenced by the popularity of former editor Ian Harrison’s cocktail guide. Featuring a host of relative newcomers to the drink mixing scene (Agrikol, Escondite, Palco). it’s a testament to the city’s newfound cocktail culture. But you equally can’t go past some of the granddaddies, like La Distillerie, too.

52 Essential Montreal Coffee Shops

Dispatch Coffee’s truck

Apparently caffeinating after a night at a BYOB restaurant or cocktail bar, the coffee guide was another hit. A whopper of a map with 52 different recommendations, this one highlights both the old school, such as Mile End staple Olimpico, and the new, in the form of third-wave options such as Pikolo — and many, many more.

21 Go-To Cheap Eats Restaurants in Montreal

Inside Wilensky’s Light Lunch
Randall Brodeur

Eater readers may be a frugal bunch. This guide to low-cost, high-reward food has the added bonus of being possibly one of the most diverse maps on the site in terms of the different cuisines on offer — from Romados’ chicken, to pupusas at La Carreta and classic greasy spoons such as Greenspot in Saint-Henri.

The 22 Hottest Burgers in Montreal

Step Inside Montreal Burger Champ Uniburger
The burger line-up at Uniburger
Randall Brodeur/Eater Montreal

Finally, Eater readers demonstrated their affinity for buns containing grilled beef. This map of 22 burger slingers spans from the no-nonsense cheeseburgers at Uniburger, right through to the db Burger at Maison Boulud.