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Saint-Henri Shuffle: Burrito Revolucion to Replace Foyer Pizzeria

The rumour is true.

Burrito Revolucion in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
Burrito Revolucion in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
Julien Lebreton

Foyer, the Saint-Henri pizzeria and bistro co-owned by businessman Daniel Lacombe, isn't reopening after its controversial Christmas holiday shutter, the second in as many years. Lacombe, late of the recently bankrupt M sur Masson, Pizzeria Caldo, and currently a partner in Hoogan et Beaufort and Eco-Logixx, Inc., has ceded the space to Burrito Revolucion, a HoMa-based outfit from principal Jean-Francois Naud that opened last November. A spokesperson for Burrito Revolucion confirmed today that it plans to take over the former Foyer sometime in April. See the restaurant's prospective menu below. Beverage-wise, the original Burrito Revolucion offers Labatt beers and cocktails — your Michelada, Paloma, margarita, mojito, et al.

Burrito Revolucion will be in tough to woo Saint-Henri's casual diners, what with Tejano BBQ Burrito, Adamo, Satay Brothers, Sumac, Nozy, and taco peddlers Victor and Frida all close by. The area's restaurant boom is not about to let up either. A French diner is slated for the corner of Notre-Dame and Atwater from Roberto Porres, the owner of Old Montreal's Barroco and Bocata. A couple blocks west, in Little Burgundy, the Geppeto group is doing its own pizzeria-to-Mexican pivot in April.

Menu courtesy Burrito Revolucion

Menu courtesy Burrito Revolucion


3532 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H4C 1P3 (514) 508-3532

Burrito Revolución

3905 Ontario Est, Montreal, QC H1W 1S7 (438) 386-6696