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Freak Fire Puts Manitoba on Ice in Mile-Ex

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The restaurant has to close for a few days.

Inside Manitoba
Inside Manitoba
Randall Brodeur

Bad news this weekend for Manitoba, the 2014 restaurant of the year. The Mile-Ex restaurant announced yesterday that it had suffered a minor fire and would have to temporarily shutter to repair what are fortunately minor damages.

In subzero temperatures, pipes freeze, and, in an attempt to thaw them out, fires sometimes occur as a consequence. That's exactly what happened, says Manitoba co-owner Elisabeth Cardin. "It was a small fire in the inner wall. Stupid accident. We'll be back in a week hopefully! It's a bit of a rough challenge, but we'll try to take it with positivity."

All in all, Manitoba is lucky to have come off relatively unscathed. Some notable Montreal restaurants have fared much worse after freak fires.


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