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Under New Management: Henri Saint-Henri Closes for Makeover

After two years.

Henri Saint-Henri

Henri Saint-Henri is about to get a concept change. The Saint-Henri restaurant that opened in February 2014 with a seafood shack theme, and principals from the likes of Quai No. 4, Barraca, BAR INC, Ils en Fument du Bon, Helm, Le Quai Roulant Food Truck, Monsieur Smith, and Huis Clos, has been sold. A spokesperson for the new management group was mum on details, but confirmed that the space is being retooled for an April re-launch. It's unclear whether the name Henri Saint-Henri will remain.

Saint-Henri's Notre-Dame Ouest artery has added a number of new restaurants over the last few years. Some, like Sumac and Satay Brothers, have fared very well. Others, like the troubled Foyer, have struggled. Henri Saint-Henri, located in a property owned by Danny Lavy and Stephen Shiller, shuffled chefs a few times in its short lifespan, and amid robust competition, never quite captured the neighbourhood. Stay tuned for developments.

Henri Saint-Henri

3734 Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H4C 1P7