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After the Fire, Manitoba Targets March 7 Comeback

Mile-Ex restaurant bounces back.

Randall Brodeur

Good news for fans of 2014's restaurant of the year. After a freak fire put Manitoba on ice on Valentine's Day, the Mile-Ex restaurant has marked its return date. On March 7 Manitoba will bounce back in a big way with the second of its wine pairing battle series, featuring agents Vin Libre and Raisonnance. Tickets cost $60 for three dishes from chef Michael Dalla Libera — currently enjoying a guest stint at the newly opened Le Diplomate while Manitoba is on hiatus — and six glasses of wine.

An attempt to unthaw frozen pipes led to a small fire inside a wall at Manitoba on February 14. The damage was not major, but sufficient enough to shut the restaurant down. Dispatch Coffee next door was also affected.


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