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Les 400 Coups Loses Guillaume Cantin, In de Wulf at Maïs, and More P.M. Intel

News and notes from the Montreal restaurant world.

Guillaume Cantin plates at Les 400 Coups
Guillaume Cantin plates at Les 400 Coups
Les 400 Coups

— Guillaume Cantin has left Les 400 Coups after two and a half years in the Old Montreal restaurant's kitchen. The chef has been replaced by Jonathan Rassi, late of Park, Quartier Général, and Les chefs!. "Pour ma part, pour la première fois de ma vie, je vais mettre en pratique un mot qui me semble presque inconnu : vacances. Je prendrai un peu de temps pour me reposer et ainsi revenir en force!," Cantin wrote in his farewell statement.

Gabriel DeRossi, the Montreal-born sous-chef at In de Wulf, the influential restaurant in Dranouter, Belgium from chef Kobe Desramualts that plans to close this December, will pop up at Mile End's Maïs next Monday, March 7. $40 for five courses, before taxes and tip.

Le Billot, a Plateau brewpub that opened in May of 2014 from Rodney and Joao Pimentel, has been sold.

Relâche Gourmande gets under way this week at Jorge Da Silva's Old Montreal restaurants. As such, kids under the age of 12 get a 50% table d'hôte discount at Les 400 Coups, Helena, Tapas 24, and Nolana until March 13. Helena Loureiro's Plateau restaurant Portus Calle, soon to relocate downtown as Portus 360, is also part of the promo.

— Chef Jérôme Ferrer has a relâche promo at Europea and Beaver Hall too. Kids under 12 dine for free with every prix fixe lunch order at both restaurants, and for dinner from March 6 to 10.


5439 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, QC H2T 1S5 (514) 507-7740 Visit Website

Le Billot

451 avenue Duluth Est, Montreal, Quebec H2L 1A5 (514) 564-5614 Visit Website

Les 400 coups

400 rue Notre-Dame Est, Montréal, QC H2Y 1C8 514-985-0400 Visit Website