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All-Star Montreal Chefs Sling Mad Burgers for Uniburger Week

March 14 to 20

Burgers for a good cause
Burgers for a good cause
Randall Brodeur

It was a huge hit a year ago, and now Uniburger Week is back. The popular Quartier Latin burger restaurant will host a cast of all-star Montreal chefs from March 14 to 20, each of whom will whip up a custom burger to mark Uniburger's third anniversary. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to select charities.

Uniburger owner Younes Bengaloune plans to partner with food delivery service foodora (formerly Hurrier) as well. "We will offer 10 to 20 burgers per day to be sold for delivery through their platform and they will donate an extra $10 per burger to the day's charity." Check out the impressive lineup of chefs slated for next week, with burger descriptions (all burgers will be served on Martin's Potato Rolls), and photos.

Monday, March 14 — Liam Barron (Loïc): Breakfast Burger made with a breakfast sausage patty, egg square (omelette), pickles, potato latke, and homemade ketchup or Uniburger sauce
Tuesday, March 15 — Colin Perry (Dinette Triple Crown): a 'Chick-fil-A' inspired sandwich with fried chicken, fermented cayenne hot sauce, bread and butter pickles, 'Duke’s' style mayonnaise, and lettuce
Wednesday, March 16 — Stephen Leslie (Monkland Tavern, Tavern on the Square, Sieur d’Iberville): Spicy Malaysian Pork Burger (fish sauce, palm sugar, garlic, chilies, coriander) with pickles, and mayo
Thursday, March 17 — Marc-Olivier Frappier (Joe Beef, Le Vin Papillon): grilled Joe Beef Uniburger, a cheeseburger with lettuce, pickles, ketchup, mustard with special meat sauce, and fries inside the burger
Friday, March 18 — Emma Cardarelli (Nora Gray): Hot Veal burger with breaded and fried veal cutlets, provolone cheese, marinated banana peppers, grilled radicchio, and Sunday sauce
Saturday, March 19 — Danny Smiles (Le Bremner): Le Bremner fried chicken burger with homemade ranch dressing, Haitian pikliz, Mrs. Whyte's pickles, and spicy honey
Sunday, March 20 — Marc-André Leclerc (Grumman 78): Chorizo Headcheese Burger with jalapeño tartare

Photo credit: Stephen Leslie

Photo credit: Stephen Leslie


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