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Montreal Restaurant's Insane Food Challenge Starts With Five Pounds of Poutine

This is so dangerous

Eat this in 60 minutes
Eat this in 60 minutes
Le Gras Dur

Five pounds of poutine. A two-pound burger. A root beer float. Four deep-fried Oreos. Think you can eat all that in less than an hour? Le Gras Dur ('Hard Fat'), a relatively new Montreal restaurant from a trio of food truck operators, wants to find out. The photo above doesn't begin to do the food challenge, dubbed Le Gros Gras, justice. Co-owner Annie Clavette, who published the heinous culinary dare on Facebook, expounded on the specific components in a message today. Hold on to your defibrillators.

Le Gras Dur's poutine, which won top prize at a poutine festival in Drummondville, Quebec, is sauced with veal stock, beer, and caramelized onions, and topped with chicken schnitzel, bratwurst, and the requisite cheese curds. The burger comes with a pretzel bun, two patties, two bratwurst sausages, two chicken schnitzels, Swiss cheese, braised cabbage, bacon, root beer pickles, Sriracha, currywurst sauce, and mustard. If that all sounds a little intimidating, remember, there's still four deep-fried Oreo cookies, and a root beer float to power through.

There's a waiver for participants to sign, and a list of rules too. Winners get a t-shirt, a photo op, infinite glory, and, presumably, a cardiology consult. Those that complete the challenge eat for free; otherwise Le Gros Gras costs $50. The obvious question is, has any intrepid soul successfully completed the challenge so far? "Only one person has tried and he only finished half," confessed Clavette. As for total calorie content, the restaurateur isn't sure. Masochists can attempt Le Gras Dur's food challenge anytime from Tuesday to Sunday, between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. Godspeed.

Le Gras Dur

1660 Rue Jarry Est, Villeray—Saint-Michel—Parc-Extension, QC H2E 1B3 (514) 722-4727 Visit Website

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