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Outremont Restaurant Provisions to Open Butcher and Sandwich Shop on Van Horne

Prêt-à-manger in the former Boucherie du Gourmand

Inside Provisions on Van Horne
Inside Provisions on Van Horne
Randall Brodeur

Provisions, one of the most intriguing new restaurants of the past year, has some big news. Partners Tina An, Hakim Rahal, and Pablo Rojas will open a butcher, sandwich, and prêt-à-manger shop this May. The trio will take over Boucherie du Gourmand's lease next month at 1142 Van Horne, two blocks from Provisions, and give the space a bit of a makeover.

"We are going to put in a counter and some stools," says An, who hasn't settled on a name for the project just yet. "The rest is mostly aesthetic." The restaurateur went on to add that Provisions will now have the space to make charcuterie, and purchase whole animals. "We will offer many takeout options. We are looking to do something in the style of Maître Boucher on Monkland."

Hybrid, artisanally-leaning projects, whether anchored by a butcher shop (Boucherie Lawrence, Boucherie Dans La Côte), charcuterie (La Réserve), or a bakery (Hof Kelsten, the soon-to-open La Bête à Pain in Griffintown, the new Guillaume), are having a major moment in Montreal. Given Provisions' focus on market-to-table, it'll be interesting to see what An, Rahal, and Rojas do with their new business, in a neighbourhood, Outremont, that could probably benefit from (not to mention afford) boutique meat, quality sandwiches, and chef-driven prepared meals to go.


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