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Hello Hvor, a Blockbuster New Griffintown Restaurant From La Champagnerie

Caterer makes way for new project

Randall Brodeur

Another week, another dynamic new project for Griffintown. Tastet blog reports today that Hvor, a restaurant slated for 1414 Notre-Dame Ouest, formerly home to Brigade Volante caterer, will open in May. Here's all the pertinent info on the new spot:

· Hvor is Danish for "where" (the 'h' is silent).

· The restaurant's principal, Nadim Bonni, owns Old Montreal's La Champagnerie. Valentin Van Beek, also of La Champagnerie, will serve as manager.

· Hvor's chef will be S’Arto Chartier Otis, who last made waves at Soubois supper club, and Bromont's Balnea Spa. Janice Tiefenbach, late of Nora Gray, is in as sous-chef. Other key hires include pâtissier Erik Champagne (H4C), and front-of-house manager Alexis Chalifoux (Med, Primadonna, Otto, Cavalli, Bice, Globe).

· The design firm behind bars and restaurants like SuWu, App. 200, L'Gros Luxe, and Fabrique à Boire, will take care of Hvor's interiors.

· Hvor will seat 70. A large terrasse with a garden and chef's table will transform into a greenhouse come winter. Tastet writes that the "vegetable garden is the soul of the restaurant." Chartier Otis adds that he "wants to bring a little bit of the country to the city."

· Principals describe Hvor's menu as affordable, healthy, and with plates built around vegetables, fish, and poultry. The wine list will emphasize organic products.

· Look for Hvor to open five nights a week, starting sometime in May.

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