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Maison Sociale, Mile End's Social Club Mash-Up, Has Shuttered

The Green Room revamp is off the air

Maison Sociale

Less than a year after it opened in the former Green Room space, Mile End's Maison Sociale has quietly closed. The restaurant has yet to make a formal announcement, but the Saint-Laurent space is shuttered and its social media pages have been dark since early February.

The social club opened last March, backed by a group of partners from diverse backgrounds, including Na'eem Adam and Thierry Rassam, the founders of La Poutine Week and Le Burger Week, restaurateur David Schmidt, and Philip Tabah, founder of blog. It had nearly as many identities as partners, aspiring to be a café, cocktail bar, restaurant, community space and radio lounge, hosting its own radio station, Green Room Radio. An identity crisis and conflict between owners over how to run the small space contributed to its closing, according to a source, so they sold to cut losses.

The shutter marks a third strike-out for the location in six years. The beloved bar and concert venue the Green Room was devastated by a fire in 2010, and its successor Le Comme Chez Soi closed in 2014 after troubles with condo construction next door.

Maison Sociale

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