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Café Perko Coming to Villeray This June

Laptop dwellers encouraged

Coffee to come
Coffee to come
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Villeray's coffee options continue to expand with the addition of Café Perko, opening at the corner of Villeray and Chateaubriand this summer. The roughly 1,200-square-foot space, which formerly housed an architectural firm, is located between Archicrème ice cream shop and breakfast spot Le Toasteur. Owner Émilie Lebel, a 27-year-old former lawyer who quit law to open the café, says she envisions Perko as "the perfect space that I would want to work in," with high-quality Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, a conference room available to rent by the hour and late evening hours. Coffee will come from local micro-roaster Kittel, served on a US-made Slayer Espresso machine. The machine is only the second one on the market in Montreal, in addition to recently announced Café Pista in the Petite-Patrie, Lebel says. Overpriced sandwiches, however, are not on the menu: "I’m tired of expensive grilled cheese and panini sandwiches. We will offer affordable and homemade lunch options to our customers, in addition of course to the traditional pastries," Lebel says.

Status: Café Perko, 753 rue Villeray, corner Chateaubriand, Villeray, (514) 776-7537, opens in June.