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Parm, a New Restaurant From Lucille's, Gives Westmount Italian

In the former Lea

Parm is almost here
Parm is almost here
Lucille's Oyster Dive

It's official. The short-lived Lea, from the Grinder and Hachoir restaurant group, has been taken over by the principals behind NDG's Lucille's Oyster Dive and Westmount's Brasserie Lucille's. Parm is the name of the rebooted concept. "Lucilles does Italian!," Lucille's Oyster Dive recently announced. There's no word on when exactly the new restaurant will open, but the launch date looks to be close at hand.

Parm will likely last a lot longer than its predecessor. Lea, which opened in September 2014, never quite captured Westmount's infamously finicky diners, despite its hyped designer digs, and a couple of decent reviews from the city's food critics. The trio behind Lucille's — Paul Harris Benjamin, Dominique Muller, and chef Mark Gaffney — has proven that it has what it takes to please the NDG-Westmount market, as evidenced by the enviable success at its two, invariably crowded, surf and turf inflected restaurants. And three seems to be the magic number for a few restaurant groups in the city; witness Joe Beef, Impasto, Club Chasse et Pêche, and Lawrence. Look for more news on Parm in the days and weeks to come.

Restaurant Léa

4922 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC