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Pizzeria No 900 to Open New Restaurants in Ahuntsic, Westmount, and Downtown

Brace for more pizza

Pizzeria No 900

Ahuntsic and Westmount will soon get a taste of the pizza that a food critic declared the best in the city over a year ago. Weeks after No 900 announced new restaurants for the Marriott hotel on Peel, the North Shore's Faubourg Boisbriand, and Quebec City, owner Dominic Bujold of Le Groupe Evoluco divulged that new franchises are soon slated for 1021 Fleury Est, in what is now L'Alexia, a Mediterranean restaurant, as well as the former Le Fournil bakery at 364 Victoria in Westmount (see Google Street View photos of both locales below). The Ahuntsic and Westmount spaces top out at approximately 1,500 square feet, with room for 50 diners, and will have the same owner as the original No 900 on Bernard, in the Outremont Theatre.

Bujold has a proven track record when it comes to franchise concepts. The businessman sold Sushi Shop and Sushi Shop Express to Stanley Ma's MTY Food Group in 2006 for $7.6 million. The plan for No 900 is similar: establish strong brand awareness, and rapidly expand under a franchise model. Bujold and partners have plans beyond the province too. "We're not just aiming for Quebec. This is an exceptional concept that we could take worldwide," he remarked at No 900's infancy. Bujold hinted today that more franchises are in the works for Montreal, and that a relatively new No 900 in the South Shore enclave of Saint-Lambert has been an unmitigated success. Meanwhile, No 900's pizza food truck, the only one of its kind in Montreal, is back on the streets.

1021 Fleury Est, Ahuntsic | Google Street View

364 Victoria, Westmount | Google Street View

Update, June 23, 2016: Pizzeria No 900's downtown location is now open on Peel, below Sherbrooke.

Pizzeria Napolitaine 900

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