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Bistro Le Passé Composé Migrates to Ma'tine on May 7

That, and more news and notes from the Montreal restaurant world

Ma'tine is almost past tense
Ma'tine is almost past tense
Randall Brodeur

Le Passé Composé, a Plateau-Mont-Royal French bistro on Roy and Mentana, will replace the soon-to-shutter Ma'tine at 1310 de Maisonneuve Est next month. Le Passé Composé's chef-owner, Arnaud Glay, recently made the announcement on Facebook. Glay plans to open on May 7 in his new Village digs, and promises new menu tweaks.

— Chef J-P Miron, late of La Société and Globe, is the Barroco restaurant group's latest kitchen hire, at Bocata, specifically, in Old Montreal.

— Popular NDG and Monkland Village restaurant Gia Ba will be closed from April 18 to May 4.

— Another Montreal food truck season is underway. Consult the city's official, daily cuisine de rue calendar here.

— Griffintown residents welcomed La Bête à Pain with open arms last week. The new bakery, café, and restaurant turned over 1,100 customers this past weekend alone, reported chef-co-owner Marc-André Royal.

— Good news for fans of jerk chicken, and, notably, jerk chicken poutine. Jamaican restaurant Seasoned Dreams is now open seven days a week.

— The new L'Gros Luxe has a sign. ICYMI, the discount comfort food concept, currently with five restaurants, plans to reboot the original L'Gros Luxe on Saint-André and Roy as L'Gros Luxe 100% Végé, and make over the former Le Billot on Duluth and Rivard as the new L'Gros Luxe Plateau at the same time.

— Restaurateur, celebrity chef, and Ottawa native Hugh Acheson recently shared his ten commandments for eating and drinking in Montreal. On L'Express: "It’s classic in so many ways, and I wish there was one in every city in North America."


1310 Maisonneuve East, Montreal, Quebec H2L 2A5 (514) 439-9969 Visit Website

Le Passé Composé

1310 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est, Ville-Marie, QC H2L 2A5 (514) 524-6663 Visit Website