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Candi Bar Is Montreal's Latest Arson Victim

This old story

Bar owner keeps a stiff upper lip
Bar owner keeps a stiff upper lip

Another Montreal bar has been forced to take an indefinite hiatus after an arson. The victim this time, Candi, home to the Plateau's most original urinals, was devastated by a Molotov cocktail shortly after 5 a.m. on Monday. An employee was inside when the incendiary device smashed through Candi's front window, and lit the bar up in flames. Manager Jonathan Domer, who lives in an apartment above the club, was promptly alerted, and the three-story property evacuated. The fire department was able to quickly extinguish the blaze, and nobody was injured.

"I almost feel like it’s a nightmare and I’m going to wake-up," Candi's owner Carlos Morais (of the Gogo Group) told a reporter. "I keep asking my wife, ‘Are you sure this is really happening?'" Morais divulged that in seven years he's never had trouble, or witnessed any suspicious or criminal activity at the bar. Damage from the fire was mostly superficial — some decorative articles melted, significant soot stains, and Candi's sign (pictured) will have to be replaced. Management expects to reopen soon. Morais also hopes that surveillance footage from security cameras, now in the hands of the police, will help solve the case. The public may get a look at that footage — police recently shared a clip of a December 2015 arson attack at Dilallo Burger Bar in Villeray.

Candi Bar

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