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Plateau Restaurant Bao Boys Bows Out After Eight Months

Bye–bye baos

Bao Boys

A bro homage to the cult dish that David Chang made famous at Momofuku Noodle Bar has flatlined after eight months. Bao Boys, from partners David Huy Tran Huu and Tek-Paul Chher, was a messy love letter, of sorts, to trashy stunt foods. The Plateau restaurant's all-over-the-map menu (see below) served up the likes of glazed chicken wings, kimchi poutine, General Tao chicken, pad Thai, tonkinoise soups, and deep-fried Oreo cookies. But the lifeblood of Bao Boys was supposed to be outlandish baos, of which there five: pork belly, Bao-o-Fish, General Tao, Korean beef, and salmon. Chher confirmed today that Bao Boys was sold last month to new owners who plan to flip the restaurant as a sandwich shop. Stay tuned.

Bao Boys

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