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The New Kitchen Galerie Feels Dated, Warns Lesley Chesterman

Here's a roundup of this week's big reviews:

Kitchen Galerie

— The critic for the Gazette visits the recently enlarged Kitchen Galerie close to Jean-Talon Market and gives the rebooted restaurant from Mathieu Bourdages, Mathieu Cloutier, and Axel Mevel two and a half stars on four. Still very much a spot for carnivores, Lesley Chesterman commends some of the food, but ultimately concludes that the dated menu needs a rethink. "Kitchen Galerie is a fun night out because of the big food, the noisy room, and the cool chefs cooking right there in front of you. (...) Yet despite the former hot status of this restaurant, it feels a little unfinished for now, and I can’t help but wonder why they held on to that old menu with one too many passé dishes."

M.Mme, the Mile End wine bar from the owners of Toi, Moi & Café that has thrust chef Stelio Perombelon back in the limelight, pockets another rave review. The latest laurel for the Laurier restaurant with a prix fixe dégustation menu comes from Thierry Daraize in Le Journal de Montréal. M.Mme is loud and very busy, the critic observes, and not every plate is a winner. Nonetheless, the critic enthusiastically endorses: "La cuisine délicate de Stelio Perom­belon mérite ses 4 étoiles [on five]."

— Marie-Claude Lortie, for her part, samples a new pizzeria in NDG. The second outpost of Westmount's Bacaro is convivial, and perfect for an uncomplicated family meal, the critic writes. Despite the fact that the restaurant is not for "les maniaques d'authenticité" of Italian cuisine, Lortie declares that she will definitely return.

Kitchen Galerie

60 Jean-Talon Est, Montreal, Quebec H2R 1S5 (514) -315-8994


240 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, QC H2T 2N8 (514) 274-6663 Visit Website

Bacaro NDG

5950 Monkland, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1G8 (514) 303-9303 Visit Website