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Comptoir 21 Fish and Chips Replaces Micro Resto La Famille

In the Plateau

Comptoir 21

What a strange, short-lived journey for Micro Resto La Famille. The diminutive market-driven restaurant was lauded when it opened on Gilford in 2013 by critics and diners alike. Then Gazette critic Sarah Musgrave gave La Famille a rare 'Great bet,' and Eater readers voted it the hottest new restaurant of the year. The elfin Gilford spot was easy to root for. Talented brothers Jérémy and Maxime Daniel-Six created approachable, and inventive sucré-salé plates from the restaurant's pygmy kitchen, and manager Sophie Duchastel de Montrouge's service acumen was spot-on and effortless. Then, months later, the trio had left and split from La Famille partner Cyril Kérébel to open Ma'tine in the Village (which was similarly extolled, and which subsequently closed, almost as quickly — but that's another story).

La Famille struggled after the departure. Chef Simon Mathys was hired to helm the kitchen, but soon left for Accords bistro and wine bar. Then last November the restaurant announced that it would effectively close, save for private events. The shutter was made official in mid-March. Two months on, a replacement has emerged — fish and chips concept Comptoir 21, which currently operates restaurants in Mile End, Verdun, and the Village. Owner David Asseraf and partners hope to open the fourth Comptoir 21 sometime this month, just in time for terrasse weather.

Status: Comptoir 21, 418 rue Gilford, between Saint-Denis and Rivard, now open.

Photo credit: Ian Harrison

[Photo credit: Ian Harrison]

[Photo credit: Comptoir 21]

Comptoir 21

21 rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2K7 (514) 507-3474 Visit Website

Micro Resto La Famille

418, rue Gilford, Montréal, QC H2J 1N2 514-508-8700