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Tejano BBQ Burrito Reveals Blockbuster Expansion Plans

Brace for more burritos, Montreal

Tejano BBQ Burrito

The undisputed king of burritos in Montreal, Tejano BBQ Burrito, is about to expand. Blackstrap BBQ boss Dylan Kier revealed the big news today. "We're opening a new Tejano on William, across from Le Local. Same concept as our original restaurant, with maybe a bit more seating." The Cité du Multimédia Tejano will be located in a new mixed-use development, and is slated to open by late summer. "We're aiming for September 1," says Kier. Along with Clara Barron, his wife and Blackstrap BBQ partner, and Ryan Bloom, the founder of Urban Bonfire, and a principal in Rustique Pie Kitchen, Kier opened Tejano BBQ Burrito in 2014. The Tex-Mex tribute was an immediate hit in Saint-Henri, and has contributed to the Sud-Ouest neighbourhood's makeover as a hub of culinary diversity.

As for the proposed Cité Multimedia Tejano, the idea seems like a no-brainer, and an addition the neighbourhood between Old Montreal and Griffintown will embrace with open arms. In a stroke of clairvoyance, Sarah Musgrave, the former Gazette food critic, pretty much called it back in a 2015 review. "With quality ingredients and a snappy concept, this place has found a sweet spot between slop house and smart business; it’s possible to imagine more of these counters popping up when this place itself starts bursting at the seams." It's good to be popular, Kier modestly acknowledges. "I'm honestly more worried about how busy it's gonna be, than anything else."

Current POV! For my $ it doesn't get better than ancho beef with homemade Queso. #burrito #barbacoa #sthenri #queso

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