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Montreal Barbecue Restaurants by the Numbers

Doin' the math on all that meat

Slicin' brisket at Lattuca Barbecue in Old Montreal
Slicin' brisket at Lattuca Barbecue in Old Montreal
Randall Brodeur

How much volume does a high-volume barbecue restaurant actually do? How many ribs does Rubs sell? How much pulled pork does Le Smoking BBQ plow through? Montreal might not be famed for selling copious amounts of Southern-style barbecue, but times are (low and) slowly changing. You might be surprised to learn, for instance, that some of the city’s top barbecue pushers go through thousands of pounds of meat per week. It might not ever surpass the mass quantities of smoked meat sold, but the stats are nonetheless impressive. Here’s a breakdown of barbecue by the numbers at five Montreal restaurants. **All stats are PER WEEK unless otherwise specified.


Laval location (200 seats)
Number of briskets sold: 35 (6-7 kg each)
Number of full racks of St. Louis Ribs: 250 (1 kg each)
Kilograms of pulled pork: 350


Plateau location (90 seats) and Marché Des Éclusiers location (150 seats)
Kilograms of chicken: 200
Kilograms of pork ribs: 250
Kilograms of beef ribs: 100
Kilograms of brisket: 300
Kilograms of pulled pork: 200

Le Smoking BBQ

Kilograms of ribs sold during Ribfest: 18,144
Maximum number of people served per hour by the Le Smoking BBQ Food Truck: 1,000
Maximum kilograms of meat its largest smoker can hold at one time: 227
Kilograms of ribs: 590 (food truck), 136 (restaurant)
Kilograms of pulled pork: 1,361 (food truck), 204 (restaurant)
Kilograms of beef brisket: 136 (restaurant)
Number of sausages: 400 (food truck), 300 (restaurant)
Kilograms of chicken: 227 (food truck), 91 (restaurant)
Kilograms of potatoes: 1,588 (food truck), 680 (restaurant)

Le Boucan

70 seats
Kilograms of ribs: 147
Litres of sauce: 57
Number of whole chickens: 60
Kilograms of chicken wings: 54


sales percentages by serving
Pulled pork: 5%
Pork spare ribs: 15%
Brisket only: 20%
Brisket and beef ribs: 20%
Brisket, beef ribs, and pork ribs: 40%
80% of servings include brisket

Barbecue Week Logo

Lattuca Barbecue

15 Rue de la Commune Ouest, Ville-Marie, QC H2Y 2C6 (514) 246-1680 Visit Website

Diablos BBQ Saloon

3619 St-Laurent, Montréal, QC (514) 564-8666

Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse

17, rue Prince Arthur Est, Montréal, QC H2X 1B2 (514) 303-2363

Le Smoking BBQ

2186 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Quebec (514) 895-4346 Visit Website

Le Boucan (Masson)

2876 Rue Masson, Montréal, QC H1Y 1W9 (514) 439-4555 Visit Website