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At Fabulous Librairie de Verdun, Coffee and Books Come Together

On Wellington

Boutique Réunion

Another week, another fun new coffee shop project to report for Montreal, this time in Verdun. Café de la Troisième, from Simon Defoy, recently opened on Wellington. The café shares space with the impressive new Librairie de Verdun bookstore and Réunion housewares boutique. The three-in-one project was designed by the prolific Zébulon Perron (the man behind Furco, Grinder, Impasto, Buvette chez Simone, Hof Kelsten, and many other Montreal restaurants and bars). Defoy, who co-owns the café with the bookstore's principals, Joanne Méthé and Philippe Sarrasin, also owns Station W on the Promenade Wellington strip. "Un café qui servirait des produits locaux frais et faits maison," Station W's website declares. "Où chaque café serait préparé avec soin afin de partager sa passion. Le choix de Verdun et de sa rue Wellington s'est imposé rapidement comme un secteur vibrant et en pleine ébullition." Café de la Troisième was conceived in the same spirit.

Librairie de Verdun's launch, held this past weekend, drew the likes of Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, and novelist Kim Thuy, and the bookstore has a rich lineup of events in store over the next few weeks and months. Verdun has changed of late: the borough has bars now, and a nice little café scene too. Browse through some books, shop for unique items for the home, and enjoy a coffee and a pastry then, close to De l'Église and Verdun metro stops. Fun times.

Status: Café de la Troisième, 4750 Wellington, (514) 819-2293, now open daily.

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Photo credit: La Librairie de Verdun

Cafe de la Troisieme

4750 Rue Wellington, Montréal, QC H4G (514) 819-2293

Station W

3852 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 3M6 (514) 508-9768 Visit Website