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Chef Chuck Hughes Unleashes His Own Coffee Brand

The chef-about-town has teamed up with Myriade’s Anthony Benda to make cold brew

Photo courtesy Summer League Cold Brü
Photo courtesy Summer League Cold Brü

TV chef/restaurateur Chuck Hughes and Myriade’s Anthony Benda have a new coffee collaboration that could get your mind off the sad state of affairs in hockey news for a minute. Their creation, Summer League Cold Brü, is a small-batch cold brew single origin coffee. Apparently Hughes and Benda have been playing hockey together for a long time, and they wanted to make a cold brew that they could bring to the ice when they play. Tattoo artist Dan Climan designed the label which takes Hughes' friend Max Climan as its muse. (Apparently Climan is very, very good at playing hockey.)

The 2,000-run limited-edition beverage has been in production since the end of May using single origin Ethiopia Biftu Gudina coffee, and Benda confirms that they'll soon switch to Ethiopia Deri. If hockey-themed coffee sounds like your thing, you can try Summer League Cold Brü at Maison PubliqueGarde MangerLe Bremner, IcehouseMandy’s on Crescent and Loic. And if you want your own case, feel free to contact Summer League directly. Also note that this could be the last run for the cold brew, but if it goes well there is a chance it'll resurface next season.

— Stephanie Mercier Voyer