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Nora Gray Vets Open Dalla Rose Creamery

Saint Henri adds another notch to its belt

Dalla Rose
Dalla Rose

Were you strolling through Saint Henri yesterday, you probably missed it: the hood's newest ice cream parlour Dalla Rose officially — and very, very softly — has opened its doors to the public. Although the tiny spot was originally scheduled to open months from now, the owners said they were able to avoid some expected delays to open just in time for peak summer hours, co-owner Michael Dalla Libera told Eater.

From left Rosati and Dalla Libera. [Photo: Facebook]

The shop is a deceptively simple walk-in counter service whose moniker is a portmanteau of the owners name: chef Dalla Libera (Manitoba) and Nick Rosati. The new business is a byproduct of the pair's two years working together at local showstopper Nora Gray.

Regardless of its attempted low profile, the shop’s first day was flush with drop-ins to taste the sum of their efforts. Dalla Libera and Rosati spent months experimenting with their product before opening their doors; and Dalla Libera and in-house baker Candice Pearson (Cho’Colat, Le Fournil) have a long history in pastry making.

"The location said ice cream to me," said Rosati. "Our major idea was to do something where we could focus all of our experience on making one product." An indelible factor in its conception, Dalla Rose is surrounded by outdoor public spaces, complementing the block’s diversity. The new Torteria Lupina, Adamo, Rustique Pie Kitchen, and Arthurs Nosh Bar are all located within fifteen steps of the front door, and all are businesses with which Dalla Libera and Rosati share personal ties.

The small shop devoid of seating ("there’s a park across the street and you should be eating in the sun!" Dalla Libera says, pointing out the storefront) features a tight list of flavours that will shift with the seasons, such as lime leaf, peanut butter, vegan coconut, and sunflower. Crafted with Alma, QC’s Nutrinor’s organic dairy products, the cream is served by the cone, bowl, pint or sandwich — the last of which is stacked with cookies baked in-house — and served alongside a fridge stocked with the small-batch Chuck Hughes’ cold brew coffee and Henri Sodas.

Seasonal summer hours at Dalla Rose (4609 Rue Notre-Dame O) are Sunday to Wednesday 12 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Thursday to Saturday 12 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. In the winter, hours will shift to Wednesday to Sunday 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Take a look at the opening menu board below.

Dalla Rose's first menu. [Photo: Jean-Pierre Karwacki]

Dalla Rose

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