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Peter Sergakis Plans Gay Coyote Ugly-Themed Bar

Jersey's Saloon au Masculin should debut in The Village any day now

Outside Complexe Sky, soon to be home of Jersey's Saloon au Masculin
Outside Complexe Sky, soon to be home of Jersey's Saloon au Masculin
Facecbook/Complexe Sky

The most outrageous thing about infamous Montreal bar magnate Peter Sergakis' newest venture? it's probably not very controversial. Sergakis is adding a second location of his Coyote Ugly-themed bar Jersey's Saloon to his existing stable of bars, which includes Station des Sports, PJ's Pub, and strip club Cabaret Les Amazones.

The new logo for Jersey's Saloon au Masculin. [Photo: Facebook/Complexe Sky]

The second Jersey's Saloon is set to open as early as next week on the first floor of Complexe Sky, Sergakis' multi-story gay club on Sainte-Catherine Street, in the heart of the Gay Village. Sergakis's spokeperson Marise Côté told Eater that while an exact date couldn't be confirmed, the bar's opening is imminent. Côte said the new location would be very similar to the Notre-Dame-de-Grace Jersey's Saloon, which opened in April. "It's a copy. It's a Western look, everything is taken from refurbished barn wood, counters, and walls and it's quite chic, but there's a feel of the Western barn atmosphere."

"It's adapted for the Village. The one at Complexe Sky will have men dancing."

There is one key change to the concept, Côté explained. "It's adapted for the Village. The one at Complexe Sky will have men dancing." Fittingly, the Village location will officially be named Jersey's Saloon au Masculin and will serve similar drinks to the original, along with a meaty pub menu.

Back in April, the saloon's NDG location on the neighbourhood's Sherbrooke Street commercial strip caused controversy after a promotional video featuring scantily clad women in cowboy outfits dancing, pouring drinks, and balancing shot glasses on their torsos was released. That led city councillor for the borough Peter McQueen to declare that the bar was not a welcome addition to the neighbourhood, drawing further complaints from locals that the bar was over-sexualized and would lead to noise complaints. The video was pulled offline, although a silent version of it lives on over at the CBC.

Three months later, the outrage appears to have fizzled out: members of the NDG Community Council told Eater that they have not fielded any complaints from locals since the opening of Jersey's Saloon. The new location — on a nightlife strip that already features multiple venues advertising sexy men in a state of semi-undress —  seems unlikely to stir up much fuss.

But Sergakis has been particularly quiet about the opening. Unlike the first time around, there has been no sexy promotional video, and zero social media presence, except for a lone call for staff on Sky's Facebook page. It all sums up to a notably low-key approach for a businessman so well known for causing controversy. Stay tuned for an opening date.