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Le Couteau To Become Myriade Espresso Bar

Changes afoot

Le Couteau
Le Couteau

Le Couteau founder and owner Chris Capell left the sleek lower Saint-Denis coffee shop on July 1 to focus on his upcoming project Montreal Coffee Academy. Richard Baghdadlian, of Café Art Java, Café Myriade and Pikolo, and two of his protégés, Jean-Philippe Plourde and Brittany Wood, took over the 4627 Rue Saint-Denis space.

Today, Baghdadlian announced that he and his team have passed on purchasing shares of Le Couteau and instead took the assets. The name only goes with shares of the company, so they will rebrand the cafe to become Myriade Espresso Bar.

That’s the only information Eater has for now, but keep eyes here to learn about the changes to former Le Couteau’s address.

Le Couteau / The Knife

4627 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L4 (514) 940-0444 Visit Website