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M:BRGR Reportedly Closed After Eight Years [Updated]

No more build-your-own-gourmet-burgers?


Upscale burger establishment M:BRGR appears to have locked the doors shortly after celebrating its eight anniversary. Montreal Info reports:

The restaurant m: brgr , located right downtown at 2025 Drummond Street , has closed its doors last week. ... No official announcement has been made ​​as to the reason for closing or for a possible reopening or a replacement.

Several calls to M:BRGR don’t give any more hints to what may have happened, as the phone keeps ringing and ringing. Social media doesn’t give any clues either — neither Facebook, Instagram, nor Twitter have been updated in several weeks.

If you know what happened, or what’s next for the address, drop us an anonymous tip here.

Update #2: A former employee tells Eater that M:BRGR’s owner filed for bankruptcy, and that staff were called two days before a payday and told not to go to work. M:BRGR has not been contactable to confirm this report. The employee said that staff were not paid for their final two weeks of work, and that they applied to the Canadian government’s Wage Earner Protection Program to get some of that pay compensated. If M:BRGR is indeed bankrupt, it would be unlikely that the restaurant is simply closed for renovations, despite the sign on their door.

Update: A commenter on Facebook says the restaurant has a “sign on their door (as of yesterday) said that they were closed for renovations...” Let us know what you see.