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You Could Be Classic French Resto L’Express’ New Neighbour

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The ultimate purchase for French food aficionados on the Plateau?


The apartment next door to much-loved French bistro L’Express is on the real estate market — and having been partly renovated by the designer behind L’Express, it’s pretty stunning.

Just imagine: you could spend your days relaxing or entertaining guests on your own private terrasse out back, or watching life (and roadworks) go by on Saint-Denis Street in front. Then when the sun goes down or even at 2 a.m. in the morning, you could stride all of ten steps across to L’Express’ black and white tiled and chow down on duck foie gras terrine or a classic steak tartare. Of course, given your newfound status as a fixture in the neighbourhood, all the staff will know your name, too.

The privilege of living at 3921 Saint-Denis will set you back a cool $639,000. Montreal real estate broker Martin Rouleau’s team is selling the condo, and he talks about it enthusiastically.

“It’s a two story location, windows in the front and in the back. It’s got that amazing interior terrasse-slash-courtyard — obviously it’s urban living. You don’t need a kitchen, you can eat at L’Express every night.”

Needless to say, the apartment does actually have a kitchen (and even a dishwasher), as well as one bedroom, one bathroom and plenty of wood flooring. The building’s façade is also set to be restored this fall. The modern abode even has ties to L’Express beyond simply sharing a wall with it — the now-deceased architect Luc Laporte, who designed L’Express and another French classic nearby, Laloux, offered his input when the apartment was being renovated.

You may need to act quickly though — Rouleau tells Eater that a regular at L’Express is checking out the place very soon.


3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, QC H2W 2M4 (514) 845-5333 Visit Website