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Look Inside Cold Room, the Basement Cocktail Bar Under Jacques-Cartier Place

Photo gallery by Randall Brodeur

Kevin Demers' first bar transforms a former industrial cold room into an intimate cocktail lounge. Cold Room (or La Chambre Froide) opened last week, and Eater brought you the details on its opening day.

From all reports the bar and its innovative cocktails, carefully designed by award-winners Demers (formerly of Flyjin) and head bartender Daniel Boulianne (previously of La Distillerie), have been a hit. But if you haven't gone to the bar in person, you won't have been able to experience the bar's unique design: Cold Room's Facebook and Instagram have been particularly coy and mysterious about the interior, which Demers describes as "industrial meets grandma's basement".

But that changes now — Eater photographer Randall Brodeur paid a visit to Cold Room and brings you this first look inside. Just like the bar, the gallery begins with Cold Room's nondescript entry, before leading you down into the basement in all its plush blue and wooden-beamed glory.

Cold Room is open daily, starting again tomorrow from 6 p.m. Enter by ringing the doorbell at the corner of St-Amable and St-Vincent streets.

Cold Room

155 Saint-Paul E, Montréal, QC H2Y 1G8 (514) 451-6911