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Lucille’s Italian Resto Parm is Dead, And Other Closures

SafeHouse also didn’t survive 2016


WESTMOUNT — Plenty of celebrities died in 2016, but spare a thought for the restaurants that also didn’t survive. One big one is Parm, the comfort-Italian spot from the Lucille’s Group of NDG’s Oyster Dive — it closed over Christmas, just short of six months after opening. Parm was well-received by critic Lesley Chesterman but in what now looks like a warning shot fired, she did flag that it was really quite expensive. Lucille’s explained the closure to Eater, saying they “made a run at Sherbrooke and a different concept but quickly realized this was not going to be a profitable venture, instead of dragging this scenario on, and putting bad money after bad money, the conscious decision was made to cut our losses,” adding that they are choosing to focus on what works for them at the moment.

OLD MONTREAL — Another blink-and-you-miss-it spot in 2016 was Saint-Jacques Street’s SafeHouse, shuttered as of a mystery point in December. The supper club-slash-cocktail bar from the experienced bar duo of Nick Leger and Maxime Boivin only opened in June 2016.

ST-HENRI — Notre-Dame Street cafe Buck15 has gone on another temporary hiatus. Known for both toast and third wave coffee, it’s not the first time the spot has temporarily closed. The rather sudden closure was made official on the cafe’s social media, but the unexpectedness of it stirred some controversy in a community Facebook group — Eater is looking into it, but if you know what’s going on, you can get in touch.

Hey guys it's been a great year.... thanks for all the support that we've gotten in the past few months. However we're...

Posted by Buck15 Espresso Bar on Monday, December 12, 2016

ST-HENRI — Jewish deli-slash-diner Déli Sokolow also went out of business over the holiday period. Its Notre-Dame location now sports papered-over windows, but no explanation is available for the closure.

DOWNTOWN — Could it be that Crescent Street is not a dining destination? Italian restaurant Corso 1471 is now defunct, taking its fast-food pizzeria on de Maisonneuve, Corso Xpress, with it.

POINT-ST-CHARLES — It’s unusual to have a closure reversed, but that’s exactly the case at dive bar Capri, known for its hockey game screenings hosted by former Habs player Yvon Lambert (pictured below). Unfortunately, gentrification still wins out: Capri was meant to be done by Christmas to make way for condos, but has reportedly been allowed to stay in its St-Patrick location until the end of February, when it will move.


Posted by Barserie Capri on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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