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Comptoir 21 Gives Temperature-Based Food Discounts, And Other Intel

Including: a former Bethlehem XXX chef tries out painting.

Comptoir 21

PLATEAU, VERDUN, VILLAGE — Burger and fish ‘n’ chip fryers Comptoir 21 have devised a cute wintery promotion: discounts based on the wind chill factor. Example: if it feels like -30 degrees outside, all orders are discounted by 30 per cent. Discounts are based on the “feels like” temperature on Météo Média. Temperatures are taken twice a day, at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m, and rounded to the nearest five degrees, and it’s available at all Comptoir locations except the World Trade Centre through to late March. It’s a novel way to drive customers in on frigid days — wind chill (which plays heavily into the “feels like” temperature) has dipped as low as about -40 in historic cold snaps. Today though, you’d only be looking at a five per cent discount.

OLD MONTREAL — Toqué! is reviving its kids’ millenials’ menu again for 2017, allowing anyone aged 30 and under to get a 35 per cent discount on a five-course tasting menu with wine — $98 instead of $152. It’s only available Tuesday and Wednesdays from now until February 8, and March 14 to April 12, and if you ignore the dates, the details are mostly the same as last year.

MILE-EX — Former Bethlehem XXX chef Beaver Sheppard has side-stepped into the art world, putting on his first exhibition at Never Apart gallery in Mile-Ex. It has a pretty unambiguous connection to the restaurant world though: the show is named “Chef’s I’ve Worked For”, and features two paintings of Sheppard’s former bosses, Joe Beef’s David McMillan and Fred Morin. More details here.

GRIFFINTOWN — You like learning? Interior décor vendor Must Société is putting on a bunch of culinary workshops with reputable chefs from around town over the next two months, including John Winter Russell (Candide), Michele Forgione (Impasto), Marc-André Royal, and Adam Ganten (both Le St-Urbain). Details are on Must’s website.

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PLATEAU — If you prefer your learning to be free, Dispatch are beginning free weekly coffee workshops with head roaster Chris Durning at their new location on St-Laurent at Duluth. They’ll run Thursdays from 4 to 7 p.m. and focus on different brewing methods each week.

Version 1.0 de nos ateliers éducatifs en magasin: Venez apprendre (et déguster!) avec Chris, notre directeur du café....

Posted by Dispatch Coffee on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

DOWNTOWN — Want to pretend it’s summer out there? Asian fusion spot Jatoba has a year-round terrasse as of this winter. As you can see below, it’s technically not a terrasse because it has walls, but close enough.

Jatoba’s year-round terrasse

DOWNTOWN — Competing with Jatoba in the year-round terrasse stakes is Sherbrooke Street Italian spot Beatrice, who have also recently added one, complete with a retractable roof. It’s part of a bigger renovation for the restaurant’s 20th anniversary this year, giving it a “Miami in the winter” vibe in place of its previously more classical look — see a few shots below.

CANADA — For the dairy-, soy-, and coconut-averse, Starbucks has now officially added almond milk to its menu across Canada, but it’ll set customers back $0.70 a pop.

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